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That would be a record, according to the motor club. Whether youre traveling by car or plane, be sure to pack patience and caution. Gas prices Those of you traveling by motor vehicle will find slightly higher gas prices than a year ago. Last year, you paid about $1.78 for a gallon of regular gas in South Carolina, according to AAA Carolinas. On Thursday, motorists were paying $2.03 per gallon in South Carolina, according to Weather If youre staying in South Carolina, the weather shouldnt be a problem during the next week. After a high Friday of 56, temperatures in the Midlands are expected to climb into the 60s through Monday with lows in the upper 40s to mid 50s. The biggest threat of rain is Thursday, when the chances climb to 60 percent. Travelers to Washington, D.C., and New York can expect rain on Saturday. Air travel Traveling by air during the next few days? You wont be alone.

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The money, to be shared by 150 councils, will go into providing "affordable" housing in places where demand is high. Housing Minister Gavin Barwell said this would help those who struggle to get permanent accommodation. One-third of the money will go to south-west England. This area, according to the government, accounts for 21% of all second-home ownership in the country. Councils will distribute their share of the money to community groups to invest in building and the development of housebuilding skills. 'Frustration' The government says second-home ownership is at an "all-time high" and is "crowding out" first-time buyers by artificially raising prices. The Department for Communities and Local Government reports that there were 340,000 second homes in England in 2013/14, its most recent figures. This constitutes a rise of 98,000 in five years. Mr Barwell said: "The high number of second homes can be a frustration for many who struggle to find an affordable home in their community.